Cykelwebbenpodden avsnitt 13 – Vett & etikett, customprylar och dags för 12-delat.


Både våren och Daniel har kommit till Stockholm medan Niclas är kvar på Mallis. Det hindrar oss inte från ett fullmatat 13e avsnitt! Som vanligt avhandlar vi allt möjligt som hänt innan Daniel gör ett prylsvep (idag om bland annat lyxiga grejer från Cane Creek/EE och att Campagnolo går till 12-delat). Vi avslutar med en liten vett & etikett-skola för gruppcykling!

Hoppas ni gillar vad ni hör och som vanligt finns länkar och bilder till det vi pratar om nedanför avsnittet här!

Esteban Chaves snuvar Contador i Vueltan

EE-grejer från Cane Creek

Lyxiga och finfina prylar! Men rätt dyra…



Dan Cravens stålhoj!

Visst går det att rensa på stål även 2018.

I’m in heaven. And Paradise. And at my fourth Commonwealth Games – where I’m feeling… beyond spoiled! ? Not only has @Rapha made a special re-run of the amazing 2016 Rio-Olympics Namibia-jersey for us, but I’m also going to be racing at a very special machine! ?? @saffronframeworks and I had briefly discussed a special Commi Games bike several months ago, but it was only a few weeks ago that it all came together. Since then I’ve been bursting to talk about it but I thought it best to wait until she was actually in my hands… I picked the beauty up during transit in London on my flight over here – where a delay would have cost me dearly. ? Well… the bike… (still undecided what to call her) This is pretty much my dream bike. ? Columbus XCr tubing – which, in English, means Stainless Steel! Beautifully Tig welded. Old school, traditional threaded BB. And a lovely Columbus fork on the front. The frame has received a very fine type of sand blasting over certain areas to give it the matt look, which contrasts so beautifully with the shiny stainless look. All bits discussed over and over and over again and settled upon for various reasons (feel free to ask specifics..). Topped off, the bike has a @campagnolosrl Super Record groupset and Bora 50mm clincher wheels, shod with some @SchwalbeTires rubber. I’ve always been a lover of Italian shifting and the mechanical groupset just feels magical to me. On top she’s finished off with a PRO integrated bar/stem and seatpost as well as a @fabriccycling ALM saddle. All of that tops the scales at just over 7kg – and rides – just like I wanted her to. Do you know the feeling of getting on a bike and constantly wanting to sprint for road signs and beating cars off the mark – even on your easy days!? That’s how she makes me act. Over and over again. And I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s ride! And the race on Saturday (if I can get the 32 hour flight rubbed out of my body in time…). What do you guys think? I suspect it’s obvious how I feel ? Bit of a writeup on @cyclist_mag – link on my bio. #saffronframeworks #campag #fabricsaddles #cwg2018 @cwg2018

Ett inlägg delat av Dan Craven OLY (@danfromnam)

Steele Van Hoffs stålvilja


Och; Niclas favoritklipp på hela YouTube – THIS MUST BE THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!!!